Recombinant Actinoplanes utahensis Aculeacin-A acylase(aac) ,partial

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Product Code: CSB-EP333489ACY
Size: 10μg/50μg/100μg/200μg/500μg/1mg
Species of origin: Actinoplanes utahensis
Application: SDS-PAGE
Express system: E.coli
More Information
Alternative names Aculeacin-A acylase small subunit Aculeacin-A acylase large subunit
Uniprot NO. P29958
Target/Protein aac
Species of origin Actinoplanes utahensis
Biologically Active Not Test
Nature Recombinant
Protein description Partial
MW of Fusion Proten 35.1 kDa
Expression Region 35-214aa
Expression System E.coli
Purity Greater than 90% as determined by SDS-PAGE.
Application SDS-PAGE
Tag info N-terminal 6xHis-SUMO-tagged
Storage The shelf life is related to many factors, storage state, buffer ingredients, storage temperature and the stability of the protein itself. Generally, the shelf life of liquid form is 6 months at -20°C/-80°C. The shelf life of lyophilized form is 12 months at -20°C/-80°C.
Notes Repeated freezing and thawing is not recommended. Store working aliquots at 4°C for up to one week.
Reference "Cloning and sequencing of the aculeacin A acylase-encoding gene from Actinoplanes utahensis and expression in Streptomyces lividans." Inokoshi J., Takeshima H., Ikeda H., Omura S.Gene 119:29-35(1992)
Relevance Catalyzes the hydrolysis of the palmitoyl moiety of the antifungal antibiotic, aculeacin-A, giving a hexapeptide moiety and a long chain fatty acid.
Research areas Others

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