Cusabio has been providing custom protein service since 2007, and successfully delivered more than 11100 orders with 100% satisfaction from our customers worldwide. Cusabio provides this “Risk-free” service in short turnaround time and low cost, and promises Zero cost if the service failed.

Our service can start from different stages:
1) gene synthesis;
2) subcloning with your cDNA;
3) expression with your supplied constructed vector.

Five expression systems are available:
In Vitro E. Coli system, E. Coli system, Yeast system, Insect Baculovirus system and Mammalian system.
Please find more details from Cusabio international website:

Service highlights:
1. High purity: >85%, >90% (special requirement)
2. Affordable price: as low as $535 for E.Coli proteins.
3. A variety of tags is available for your demands.
4. Complete CoA report.
5. No cost if we couldn’t deliver the protein
6. Bulk orders (mg) are available.
7. Additional services (optional):
  -Endotoxin removal
  -Aseptic process

Please consult with our tech service representative for other special requirements.